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Here is the fact of the matter.  The legal process was designed to include a defense attorney. Many people facing the court system initially believe they can navigate the system on their own.  Other defendants believe the easiest route is to simply take a plea without mounting a defense.  Unfortunately, the consequences of that plea deal may haunt you for years to come. Don't attempt to steer your larceny charge without a RI Larceny Defense Attorney to secure your interests. 

You Deserve A Fair Chance

Whether you made a mistake or were charged unfairly, you deserve every opportunity afforded by our legal system. You deserve an RI Criminal Lawyer who is familiar with the rights and responsibilities of private security and police departments. I can make sure that everything about the arrest, detainment, and investigation was fair and according to the procedure. Because I live across the street from the court building, I am readily available for every stage of the process. 

You also deserve an advocate who can properly evaluate the evidence.  As a former prosecutor, I can give you a realistic appraisal of the potential case outcomes. Without my years of experience, it could be easy to overestimate the evidence against you. Don't let your fear of court, or distrust of the system, cost you freedom. You should have at least one person on your side.

Guilty Is Not The End - Call a RI Larceny Defense Attorney

Even if you are found guilty, you need an attorney by your side during the sentencing process.  Incarceration is a major disruption to your life and family. An attorney is better equipped to negotiate sentencing terms and conditions.  Do not place yourself at the mercy of the system. Trust a Rhode Island Larceny Lawyer to get the fair terms you deserve.

Larceny In Rhode Island

Larceny, otherwise known as theft, covers a wide set of charges in Rhode Island.  Examples include:

  • Knowingly receiving stolen goods, money, or property
  • Embezzlement or fraudulently stealing funds entrusted to you for a purpose other than your personal enjoyment
  • Obtaining money or property under false pretenses
  • Obtaining signatures under false pretense with the intent to cheat or defraud
  • Shopflifting, or removing or attempting to remove property from a vendor without paying retail price.


Maximum Incarceration time: Imprisonment for 10 year.

Maximum Fine: $5,000.00

Larceny is the illegal taking of the property of another with intent to deprive the owner of the property.

Larceny in Rhode Island for property valued under $500: incarceration 1 year max.

Larceny in Rhode Island for property valued over $500: incarceration 10 years max

The following is a list of applicable Rhode Island state laws:


Theft, Embezzlement, False Pretenses, and Misappropriation

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