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When someone is accused of a sex crime, it is incredibly important to have a strong defense team. There can be a lot of stigmas, judgment, and preconceived notions that come with a sex crime accusation. This can lead to a lot of stress and uncertainty surrounding the future. A conviction for a sex crime has the potential to significantly change someone's life forever. For example, this might impact someone's personal relationships and can make it hard to find a job. Furthermore, it could even impact where someone is able to live. In addition, penalties for a sex crime conviction might include a substantial fine and prison time. This could even require someone to register as a sex offender. For these reasons, it is critical to hire a compassionate Rhode Island Sex Crime Lawyer. An experienced attorney can guard someone's rights against such an accusation.

Trust the Experience of a Trained Sex Crime Attorney

First, anyone who has been accused of a sex crime needs to trust the experience of a trained RI Sex Crime Attorney. A trained attorney has a significant amount of experience that he or she can leverage for the benefit of his or her clients. For example, an attorney will be able to walk someone through the legal process step by step. It is normal for an individual who hasn't been through this process before to feel overwhelmed. A trained lawyer can act as a legal guide. Next, a lawyer has not only been to college but has also completed law school and passed the Rhode Island Bar Exam. This added training and experience makes them uniquely qualified to defend someone who has been accused of a sex crime. Finally, an attorney can also interpret legal jargon and fill out extensive paperwork. This can help someone go through the defense process as smoothly as possible.

The Compassion of a Rhode Island Sex Crime Lawyer

Furthermore, a RI Sex Crime Lawyer can listen to someone's case without passing any judgment. As experienced attorneys, we know that everyone is entitled to a strong defense. Also, each individual should be treated with both respect and compassion. Furthermore, we know that the stress of facing criminal charges can be a lot for someone to bear. In addition, this might make it hard or someone to think straight. For these reasons, a Rhode Island Sex Crime Lawyer is an essential part of any defense team.

Contact a Trained Rhode Island Sex Crime Attorney Today

When someone has been charged with a sex crime, it is important to have a strong defense team that will safeguard your rights. Robert E Munns is an experienced Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney who specializes in sex crimes in the state of Rhode Island. His legal office is located across the street from the downtown Providence courthouse. This places him in a convenient position to defend his clients. To learn more about the legal services of Mr. Munns, please call us today. We would be honored to assist you.

Sexual Assault

Maximum Incarceration time: 10 years min. to life

To be accused of sexual assault in Rhode Island can be terrifying because of the label of sex offender. You cannot wait, you must engage a Criminal Defense Attorney as soon as is practically possible. The punishment can be incarceration for life. In addition to any jail time and fine, the offender will, for lifetime, be registered as a sex offender. With such serious penalties, false or mistaken allegations are devastation.

Criminal Defense Attorney Robert E Munns will defend you.

Where children are involved it is not uncommon for false statements, mistaken memories and coercion by adults to corrupt the record of events and can lead to false accusations, and occasionally wrong convictions.

There is a social stigma associated with sexual assault of minors that there is often an eruption of emotion which can sway the burden of proof in favor of the accuser. A good Criminal Defense Attorney understands all the elements, which can lead to a false accusation and will defend you.

If you are accused of a sexual crime, Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert E Munns recommends that you do not answer any questions without an experienced defense lawyer present.

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Sexual Assault

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