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Probation Violations

At the probation hearing the probation officer will, typically, ask the court to levy additional punishment. There are no ‘black or white’ rules with respect to what type of probation violation will result in a the probation officer requesting a probation hearing because it is left up to the discretion of the probation officer.

Common probation violations that would result in a probation hearing would be:

  • Failing to keep your appointments with your probation officer
  • Being caught in possession of drugs
  • Being arrested for another crime

You will need Attorney Robert E Munns to defend you because probation violations are tried under the ‘preponderance of evidence standard’ which means that the prosecutor need show only that it is more likely than not that the probationer violated the terms of his probation.

Bail Hearings

Bail hearings are a process that provides for a series of motions and court appearances as a prosecution moves from arrest-to-arraignment-to-trial. The objective of these hearings is for the court to assess the level of bail that will be levied on the defendant, this could be cash or other assets. Bail is established when there is likelihood that the defendant may try to leave town and it is an instrument used to prevent the defendant from fleeing. In cases where the defendant is considered a danger to others it may be denied entirely.

Your first step would be to meet with Criminal Defense Attorney Robert E Munns, who has a strong, successful, record as a criminal defense lawyer. Without a strong legal defense, you could face serious jail time and fines.

The following is a list of applicable Rhode Island state laws:


Bail of Persons Imprisoned on Civil Process

Index Of Sections



Index Of Sections

CHAPTER 12-18.1

Probation and Parole Support Act

Index Of Sections

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