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Families are supposed to love each other, take care of one another, and provide support. Sadly, this isn't always the case. As much as people want to believe the happy families that they see on TV playing in the neighborhood cul-de-sac, not every family enjoys the stereotyped degree of harmony. Problems and disputes can arise from time to time and these are issues that should be settled between family members. This might include parents, children, partners, spouses, or other familial relationships. Unfortunately, some people might end up getting charged with domestic offenses. If this happens, it is critical to rely on a trained Rhode Island domestic violence lawyer. A conviction for a domestic offense has the potential to drastically change one's life forever, affecting both personal and professional relationships. It is crucial to find the right domestic offenses defense attorney.

Experienced Rhode Island Domestic Violence Attorney

First and foremost, individuals and families need to know that trained domestic violence defense attorneys have a tremendous amount of experience in the field. When someone is facing charges related to a domestic offense, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. For many people, this is their first interaction with the legal system and they might not know what to do next. There is a lot that people are trying to process, which is why a domestic violence lawyer can help someone by taking a lot of this stress off of their hands. Attorneys have been to law school after finishing college. They have been through the court system before and understand how it works. They can handle the paperwork, interpret the legal jargon, and can help someone understand what is going to happen next. Rely on the experience of a Rhode Island domestic violence attorney.

Trust in the Compassion of a Domestic Violence Lawyer

In addition, a Rhode Island domestic violence lawyer is able to listen to someone's situation without any judgment or stigma. Everyone deserves to be treated with compassion, particularly when they are going through a difficult time. Emotions can run high and there is a lot of stress surrounding the uncertainty of the situation. This can make it hard for someone to think clearly and function on a day to day basis. An attorney understands how hard this can be and is here to treat everyone with the care and compassion that they deserve. Nobody should ever have to face this situation alone.

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When someone is facing charges of domestic violence, it is critical to rely on a trained domestic offenses defense attorney. Robert E Munns is an experienced Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney who specializes in domestic offenses. His office is located conveniently across the street from the courthouse in downtown Providence, making it easy for him to assist individuals and families as they navigate this process. Please call today to learn more about Mr. Munns' services. We would be honored to assist you.

Domestic Violence Charges in RI

Maximum Incarceration time: 1st offense, 1 year max.

Maximum Incarceration time: 2nd offense, 10 days min. to 1 year max.

Maximum Incarceration time: 3rd offense, 1 to 10 years max.

Domestic Violence typically refers to crimes involving domestic abuse. This could be child abuse, spousal abuse, child neglect, domestic partner abuse and elder abuse. It is quite common for this type of abuse to be emotional, rather than physical and also includes threats, stalking and harassment.

Although domestic abuse is mostly directed towards women it can be directed towards anyone in a domestic environment or arrangement. This is a serious crime in Rhode Island and if you find yourself charged with domestic violence you need a Criminal Defense Attorney who can protect your interests because not only can criminal charges be filed against you but you may also be filed with a civil suit.

Criminal Defense Attorney Robert E Munns will protect your interests.

The following is a list of applicable Rhode Island state laws:


Domestic Violence Prevention Act

Index Of Sections


Domestic Abuse Prevention

Index Of Sections

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